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hearing aid pricing

The average price paid for a set of hearing aids in Canada is $4,672, according to an April 2023 Hearing Tracker reader survey.  At Eastside Audiology & Rehabilitation our pricing is dependent on a variety of different factors and features, but in general, the prices range from $1050 each for great performance and reliability to our most technologically advanced at $3750 each (featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology to support hands-free communication and seamless connectivity with compatible devices). 

We have bulk
hearing aids!

What are bulk hearing aids and why do we have them? Basically, the concept behind bulk purchasing is to give Eastside Audiology & Rehabilitation Inc. the ability to acquire hearing aids at a reduced cost.  It is the cheapest and most effective way of ensuring that we have high quality hearing aids at reduced pricing for our patients.  In the “old days” hearing aid form factors, primarily custom hearing aids, dictated that we always had to take an impression of your ear.  This meant that we also always had to send the impression to the lab to be made.  All of these things took time.  That was because in the “old days” approximately 90% of all prescribed hearing aids were custom. 


That is not the case anymore.

Today, approximately 84% of all hearing aids sold in Canada are Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) or Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE).  The custom In-the-Ear (IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE) market only takes up about 12% of the market with Behind-The-Ear (BTE) models accounting for the remaining 5%.

Does bulk mean cheap quality? Absolutely not!  The bulk hearing aids that Eastside Audiology have brought in are ALL premium hearing aids from various trusted manufacturers where the pricing is discounted between 30% and 60%.

*Eastside Audiology strives to give our patients the best technology at the best pricing.  Models and availability of different stock levels changes depending on supply and demand.

"...After contact with my specific make of Hearing Aid I was told by a different business I needed a new pair but the research advised me to go to Eastside Audiology and they were only to happy to fix the problem! I would recommend the intelligent staff there! One thing I would like to see published is if we are able to buy through a payment plan! Since the shut down of the Government Hearing Aid assistant plan many don’t know where to turn for assistance nor help with Hearing Aid problems!! And Cost! Thank you Eastside Audiologists for your service to help me hear again!"

- Carol K

"Yes.  We have payment plans. Call ahead to see what works best for you"

Eastside Audiology

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