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plural noun: testimonials

  • a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications

  • a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.

synonyms: ​referencecharacter referencerecommendationletter of recommendation, commendationendorsementcertificate of competence, character

blurb: "a glowing testimonial"

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“This is the best hearing aid place in town the staff are wonderful so helpful and great!"

Bonnie T.

"It took me several years to admit my wife was right… my hearing was deteriorating. After googling to find an audiologist I chose Eastside. The reviews were accurate… they are excellent and pleasant to deal with from the time you walk in. The Audiologists are thorough, professional and very helpful walking through the process… and no pressure. The results exceeded my expectations and removed all my hesitation. It really has made a big difference. And the follow up support is equally strong and hassle free"

- Bob

"My son had difficulties listening at home and at school. It was frustrating to everyone, as he is a very intelligent kid, and quite capable. We were advised to test him for hearing loss. Checking around town, we found Eastside Audiology specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing issues in children. After less than five minutes in her office, Dr. Davis confirmed his hearing was perfect. We ran through a round of ARIA testing over the course of six weekly sessions, and my son's diagnosed Audio Processing Disorder is remarkably improved. His schoolwork no longer suffers from substantial perceived attention deficits, as the auditory training taught his brain how to process the signals his "weak" ear provided. The school board now has a variety of strategies to make his next school year more effective for all involved, and the physical hurdle he faces is now reduced due to Eastside's expert intervention. We will likely return for further treatment, should the need arise - and without begrudging the requirement. Dr. Davis, indeed all the staff at Eastside, treated my son exceptionally well as both a patient and a person, and it was a common experience to be warmly greeted once we entered. I very highly recommend Eastside Audiology to anyone experiencing hearing issues. This business very clearly deserves the highest of ratings. Visit them. Your new quality of life after treatment will be reason enough!"

- Christopher S.

Dr. Debbie: You folks adjusted the volume on my hearing aids recently.


Did you know for example, that notebook computers have a little cooling fan that whirrs away quietly? I didn’t, until the Thursday morning when I came back to my office and couldn’t figure out where that strange new sound was coming from. I finally tracked it down to my computer.   Anyway, thanks a bunch.

Dave G.

"it is such a special thing when someone takes the time to write a thank-you note.  We are humbled and honoured by all who have done so!"

"In my contacts, one at a time, through all of the audiologists in Swift Current and Moose Jaw, no one was found who was willing or able to try to solve Mom's hearing problem.  Some were more sympathetic than others, but the answer was always, "No."


Enter Eastside Audiology...  (sorry for the length of this email, but you will agree it's necessary)  I called your office and Amanda kindly took my call, telling me that Dr Jill would call me back, which she did very promptly.  I outlined our circumstances and difficulty, and she listened well.  At the end her words were simple: "Let me see what I can do."  


I will never forget either the words or the tone.  Ringing through both were the professionalism of someone who knows what she is doing, someone who knows where boundaries lie and what the system can do.  Yet underlying and coursing through those words was a tone of compassion which could not be missed, one which is heard only from individuals who serve in their profession of choice because they truly want to serve.  Compassion.  Service that is willing to serve.  


Jill, we are SO very grateful for you and all your hard work, your patience and effort when you didn't have to do all that you did, even when it was a hard time.  You have given Mom another chance where she really didn't have one at all, and we are so very, very grateful for your expertise, but most of all for your caring and compassion that crossed boundaries to reach a very special sweet  old lady that needed to be reached.

Thank you, from our hearts, Dr. Jill!"



Richard and Leila H.

"My experience with my hearing aids has been a life changing experience, I don't know how I managed without them.   They have quickly become a part of my life.  I put them on when I get up just like my spectacles.  When I first got them I could not believe the music I could hear. My guitar had sounds I had never heard.  I used to need the TV at volume 22 and now I hear it just fine at 12.  Co-workers commented that it was the first time they did nothave to repeat everything they told me. 


About the supplier, Eastside Audiology.  The service has been top notch, the people have been friendly and have seemed to go the extra mile to assist me with all questions and the little things in getting used to this new phase of life.  I would recommend to anyone who is hearing deficient to give this a try, it certainly was a great experience for me."

 Bob T.

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well"


"First can you please pass along my following comments to your entire staff.  This was my first visit to your facility and I was very impressed with the professionalism, the politeness and kindness. I hear (ha ha) that my hearing is normal.  However, your facility is way better than normal.  Much thanks for your professionalism!”

Mike R

Re: Dr Jill Ingram

"This place is amazing, the staff has always gone above and beyond to help us with our mom.  None of us live close to mom and they have been so accommodating to help keep mom going with her aids!  Thanks so much ladies!"

Nancy T of Campbell River, BC

"forever grateful"

Christine G.

"I hope you know it's appreciated all that you did for me"

Steve K.

“Great staff nice building. The Audiologist Amanda (Forster) was professional, thorough and courteous.  I got my hearing testing and she took the time to explain the results, she also explained my options and provided me with lots of information.  Would recommend anyone to see her"

 Cris A.

“After taking my son to see multiple doctors for an issue with his walking/balance and getting no satisfactory medical explanation I decided to see an audiologist thinking perhaps it may be an inner ear issue.  Dr. Debbie Davis did a thorough examination and found no abnormalities that could be related to the issues he was experiencing.


The day after our appointment I received a follow up call from Dr. Debbie.  Although she had ruled out any issues from her area of expertise she still went above and beyond to help point me in the direction of other medical specialists.  Finally, I felt like someone cared and was on my side.  With this encouragement I quit taking the "wait and see" attitude from the doctors we had previously seen and continued pushing for answers.  He is now getting the medical attention I've been seeking.


I am very impressed with Dr. Debbie's professionalism, knowledge & commitment to her patients.  I would highly recommend her!”

Elyse G.

"Dear Dr. Debbie & the staff at Eastside Audiology,

I want to thank you all for the help you have given me in continuing my educational learning process. I had great time learning more about the practice of audiology and specifically how it relates to my future profession.  I will take all that I have learned back to the university and will share it with the faculty and students."

Anne-Marie K.

(Student Practitioner)

"Thanks so much for all of your kindness, patience, & expertise during my recent visits to you.  I was SO anxious about coming given all my recent ear problems (infection, ear ruptures, & loss of hearing) but I'm glad I did.  I look forward to future services with you.  Lindsay at the front was great, too!  :)"


Mona F.

Dear Jadie,

"Thank you so very much for all of your work with our students.  We are so grateful!"

Albert Community School

“Dear Dr Debbie,

Thank you so much for taking the time in your extremely busy schedule to share your knowledge.  It was very insightful and beneficial, and we hope to continue to work with you in the future."

Elaine & the crew from Ranch Ehrlo Society

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